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Useful Tips

Go ahead...use that tension

Could the area underneath your sink need a little TLC? Did you know that using a tension rod can relieve the "stress" of finding those household cleaners and other items you keep under your sink?

Use a tension rod (pictured below) that can be purchased from places such as, Walmart, Kmart or even the Dollar stores and use it underneath your sink. Just twist the rod to the dimension you need and use it to hang everything from dishrags to you cleaning suplies. For extra space, use a small decorative basket to store other items.


Lost...And Now Found


Every home needs a lost and found which can take many forms including a box, bin, basket, drawer, container, or even a laundry basket.  This lost and found box should be kept in one place in your home.


When a family member finds a stray item on a countertop, in the middle of the floor, etc. they can toss it into the 'lost and found'.


It's a great way to clean up the clutter and misplaced items in your home. And therefore, it should become the first place any family member looks for a misplaced item instead of searching everywhere for the item.


Avoiding the Ups & Downs



In times past, I found that throughout the day I would be going up and down the steps of my home putting laundry away, putting items back into my child's bedroom, or even to get cleaning supplies that I leave upstairs that belong downstairs. In order to avoid being worn out, I now keep a basket large enough to carry items at the bottom of my stairs and I keep one at the top of my stairs as well.


Anything that I find during the day that belong upstairs or downstairs goes into those baskets. At the end of each day (before I go to bed), the items are put in their proper place.


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