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Organizing Pay$

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Earn money by simply being organized! 

Months before moving to Georgia, I purged most of my old items by donating them to Goodwill or throwing things in the trash. It is much easier to purge before moving and it saves you money as I was able to rent a smaller moving truck. That alone saved me over $150!

After settling into my new home, I realized there were more items I could do away with. I had over 300 CD’s, (from the 90's) a dining room set I didn’t need because I no longer had the space, and over 15 college textbooks. Therefore, I decided to sell my items. To determine how, I researched using Google and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. 

First, I visited a website called Decluttr. This company buys old cell phones, CD’s, textbooks, video games, and game consoles. The estimate you receive for your items depends on factors such as demand and the age of your item. To determine the price of your CD’s you simply enter the bar code on the back of the CD case. If you do not have a bar code it is almost impossible to sell it. Don’t expect to get a lot for your CD’s, (thanks to the digital age). But I did receive over $70!

Sellbackyourbook and are companies that purchase your high school or college textbooks as well as older books, and novels that are in demand. Both companies offered a good amount for my college textbooks and old novels. I compared prices between the two and used the one that gave me the highest amount for the book. To determine the best price, enter your bar code on the back of the textbook. I earned a total of $150 between both companies. Finally, I listed my dining room set on OfferUP and I received an offer the same day! Someone purchased just the table for $100! I kept the chairs.

I had some time on my hands; therefore, I signed up to take online surveys. Some of them were really fun and others really boring, but I earned over $60! InboxDollars was the survey company I used as it was the most reputable in my opinion. When you first sign up you receive a $5 bonus.

For Decluttr, Sellbackyourbook, or Textbooks you choose to be paid by check or Paypal. For OfferUp, you set the time and place to meet the buyer and it's usually a cash sale. Choose a well-lit environment with lots of people, and bring someone with you if you can. Safety first! 

Now don’t get me wrong, it took time to go through 300 CD’s, but it was worth every penny...literally. It took a lot of planning and about a month to sell everything. But in the end, I was happy with the process and was able to add monies to my savings account and who couldn’t use a couple hundred dollars? Especially as the holidays approach! In all, I made over $400! 

I encourage you to do inventory in your home and determine if there are items you no longer need and sell it. If there are items not worth your time to sell, give it to Goodwill or another reputable organization. If you have a lot, take it one day/week at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. If you can, ask for help from family or friends.  

Happy Organizing!


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