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Stay calm...breathe...and organize


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site and viewing my blog. I hope by reading this blog you will find solutions and humor to help you on your journey to getting and staying organized!

Happy reading.

It has been over a year since I left my job in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Dallas, GA. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life and over one year later, I am very happy with my choice.

At this point, I am mostly settled in and I have learned a lot about being a stay-at-home mom, student, organizer, and blogger. First, there is still plenty of laundry to be done and second, things did not slow down as I anticipated they would. But all in all, I am enjoying this time and I would not trade it for a traditional job (not that anything is wrong with a traditional job).

Though I am busier now than I was while working full-time, I understand the importance of managing my time in order to stay sane and to keep my household running smoothly. Below are the steps I take to help keep my sanity while maintaining my home.

1. On Sunday nights, I set aside time to write my to-do list for upcoming the week. It is not necessarily an organized list, but I jot down everything I need to do and include the tasks I did not complete the previous week. For me, Sundays are the most relaxing day and the least busy. I don't have to worry about getting up early to make breakfast or packing lunch so I have quite a few extra hours in my day.

2. After I write everything down, I figure out what is important from greatest to least and I number the list.

3. On Monday morning, after everyone has left the house, I take a moment to have coffee, pray, and organize my thoughts. I then go over my list and do one thing at a time. My goal each day is to stop around 1:30 pm. I take a small break to eat as I meet my children at the bus stop at 2:30 pm. I also want to make sure the most important tasks are completed before they get home. It is much easier to complete a task when no one is asking for snacks or homework help!

The schedule makes my week pretty redundant, but for me, it works! The key is finding balance and what works for you. There will always be unexpected surprises, but do the best you can each week. Do not beat yourself up, because the truth is there is ALWAYS something that needs to get done.

In my opinion, one of the greatest misconceptions for most of us, but especially women is believing we can do it all, but I come to tell you we cannot and you know what, it is OKAY. We are only human. When we attempt to do it all we usually do it to our own detriment.

Finally, I have learned (still learning) the practice of self-care. Take time for YOU, because you only get one YOU!

Happy Organizing!

Darlene DMS Organizing Solutions

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