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DMS Organizing Solutions offers patient, respectful, and confidential services for your home or office.


DMS Organizing Solutions assists all in their efforts to become more organized. Whether it is at home or in the office, DMS Organizing Solutions can provide ideas, information, and solutions which could reduce stress, increase productivity and create an overall functionality of your space.

My goal is to create the best method of organizing to meet your needs.

Take control of

YOUR Clutter!



Stop Talking and...
Start Organizing.



Tired of being frustrated over clutter? Call me! 

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"I've had closet space problems for years. I called DMS Organizing Solutions and Mrs. Darlene Sheaff was willing to come and survey my problem and offer me assistance to organize and free up space in my closet. Together we went through my closet and separated what I no longer wore, needed or what was out of season along with my children's clothes that were mixed in. "


"She gave me some tips (eg. put the children's play clothes in a little basket neatly on the side for those times they need a quick clothes change or a run to the store). When I was finished sorting and replacing, I had room in my closet and the children's clothes were organized. I was extremely happy with the results and I am encouraged to do a total home makeover."

Thank you DMS Organizing Solutions!




Your Greatest Organized Self!


You'll be amazed at the new look of your space.

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